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Peace of mind.


A helping hand through life's changing seasons

No one ever said that growing old is easy.  Each day, month and year bring changes - some of which may be frustrating and unsettling because they don't allow you to do things quite the way you used to do them.  At the Salem Mennonite Home, our caring and professional staff is committed to assisting our elderly citizens as they meet and experience the challenges of aging.  We are here... when you need us, to lend a helping hand.  Now, that's peace of mind.



Services we offer...


The best thing...


The services listed above should give you a good idea of the quality of life we offer our residents, but what's the best thing we offer? A warm, caring community for you or your loved one to call home. With a Christ-centered focus, we provide a safe and loving place to age with all the comforts of home along with many added bonuses! While we offer a bed, dresser and desk in each room, we encourage our residents to bring things to make their rooms as comfortable as possible. Some of these things include wall decor, wall mount TV's, tables and family photos to name a few.

Our resident's quality of life is so important to us, that we schedule regular meetings to discuss facility improvements and get their feedback. Both big and small decisions, like carpeting, paint color or cable options, aren't made at the administrative level alone, but are a shared decision between residents and staff.

We hope each of our residents feel like our facility and staff is an extension of their family and appreciate the exceptional care we strive for in every interaction with them.